Custom Coloured Fishnets

Hi there! So the single most popular post I published last year pertained to all the wonderful ways you can manipulate professional fishnet tights. Those such as pictured below for example.

While I give credit to Capezio for producing tights in at least two skin shades other than caucasian nude, this is still a pretty thin offering of colours. As I need a pair of fishnets in red for BHOF this week, I thought I'd sacrifice a pair in the name of experimentation. It seems I have a bit of a fetish in regards to trying to dye various random bits of clothing. And once again, I was surprised to have achieved success so I thought I should share the results.

I did this with a very simple two step process. The pair I started with were a very dark suntan colour. They were almost chestnut in colour. I figured if I tried to dye them red straight from this brown shade, they would end up looking burgundy not red. So on a hope and a prayer I dissolved a sachet of Dylon pre-dye.

I used this version that is for hand-washing rather than the version that is meant to put in a washing machine. I used the whole packet in a stainless steel canning pot that I half filled with hot water which I then brought to a boil.

I tossed in the fishnets which were freshly laundered ( i.e. clean!) and still wet into the pot of boiling pre-dye. Warning, this stuff smells pretty funky and I'm sure it can't be healthy to breathe either. I opened all my kitchen windows and put on the hood fan. I reduced the boil to a simmer, stirred the tights around a bit to make sure they were fully immersed, put the lid on the pot and set the timer for 30 minutes. I stirred the tights around every 10 minutes or so, and when the timer went off and I lifted the lid, what I found was this...

Holy cow. I was very surprised and impressed that this stuff really did strip the colour out of the tights and the foot bed. Encouraged by the results, I went on to step two. After dumping the solution and rinsing the pre-dye out of the tights, I started a fresh pot of water to boil. And dumped in a sachet of red dye and maybe a 1/4 cup of salt.

(Note that I used the multi-purpose dye rather than the regular fabric dye.)

Once the brew was brought to a boil, I once again lowered the heat to a simmer, stirred in the tights, covered with a lid, and left to stew for a half hour. Remember to stir the tights every 10 minutes or so to make sure they get properly covered.

Once the time was up, I dumped the liquid and rinsed the tights with tepid water until the water ran completely clear. I hung up the tights to dry and what I ended up with is a pair of perfectly crimson fishnets. From waist-band to foot bed a perfectly consistent red. Yay!



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