Garden Glam Footwear


Hi there! Have you recovered from BHOF? Not sure I have... gets harder as the years pass but so worth every sleepless moment.

Today is another footwwear extravaganza thanks to a friend of mine who is getting married and knew JUST who to ask to make her some garden-glam footwear. So let's get traight to the step by step, shall we?

My friend supplied me with the shoes, so my first step was to find florals in the appropriate colour pallete. Soft greens, pinks and burgundy.



While thes colours are perfect, I couldn't exactly stick an entire hydrangea stem on her shoes and call it a day. Instead, I pulled all the individual petals off the stems and assembled wee little flowers that I could apply individually. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Back to the supplies.

Next I needed to find lacey bridal elements, and this is when my craft hoarding paid off for once! YEARS ago, literally years, I found a case lot sale of $4 and $5 1990's style wedding tiaras. I just knew I'd find a valuable use for them one day, they just have too many detailed elements to ignore.


I'll show you what I've done with others of these over the years, but for this project I stripped them apart into pieces.

Man these would be nasty on top of a head.... but for less than $5, perfect for a burly crafter!

So, I just pulled apart the headpiece like this:


This is the sort of thing that gets me very excited, I have to tell you.

So, on to assembly! I figured the lacy apliques would make a good base to later attach the flowers, so I grabbed my e6000 (Ventilate, ventilate, ventilate, people!!! This stuff is solid but nasty toxic!) and my favourite clamps and got to gluing.


These took days to make, but only because I had to let the embellishment fully dry before I moved on to the next piece. e6000 only holds firmly if left undisturbed for as long as possible.

Then it's on to flower assembly.


I disasembled all the individual flowers to give me a pile of petals.




So, then I mixed and matched the petals according to the shades I wanted in each spot, by laying them cross-wise on top of eachother and then pinching them together into a little flower shape. I gave a quick stitch with needle and thread at the underside to keep it in this shape, and also glued a little colour coordinated pearl in the centre. Voila! Petite little flower in just the right colour.


Then, it was back to the gluing. A couple little blossoms at a time, clamping, drying, repeating.


I repeated this same process on the heel as well. Notice how I chose the heel to gbe heavier on the burgundy, leaving the paler shades for the toe portion of the shoe. Also note, that the soles are a pale green. This is just a matter of my standard trick of applying nail polish to the sole.


I applied silver to the sole and heel. This photo is taken while in progress. And I applied the pale green to the arch of the shoe

So there ya go... Garden Glam Bridal Shoes.


Cheers, Viv!

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