How 'bout those assles?

So today I'm answering a question sent in by the lovely Miss Hella Tang;

HT: Hello, costume goddess! Hope you are having an amazing time @BHOF! Just wanted to ask your opinion on something, what's the best way to get assels to stay on?

VC: Hey! Depends... are you applying them part way through the act or can they stay put the whole time??

HT: Putting them on halfway


VC: Ah, well. Then it's a matter of trial and error with various tapes. Everyone's skin holds different adhesives differently.

Firstly, be sure the skin is ABSOLUTELY clean and clear of any makeup, lotion, and natural body oils. There's a brand of carpet tape I call 'laser tape' because it has little red threads running through it. It's difficult to apply because it's very very thin but stickier than any other tape I have encountered. I don't know the name, but I can take a picture of it for you when I'm back. But, that's what's super sticky for me, might not be for you.


Also, if there is any way you can adhere tape to both sides... as in your skin as well as the pastie, that's an equation for super-power adhesion. If you leave the paper on the one side (it's a tan colour and may blend with your skin) and then if you find a way to remove the tape backing from your butt without the audience seeing, it will be stuck tight.

Another option... conceal rare earth magnets by painting them flesh colour and stitch or e6000 glue them to the appropriate spot on a pair of professional high-lycra tights, you could literally magnet them to your butt and they would stay put. You could also do this with nude velcro, using the soft non-sticky side under fishnets, and the positive sticky side on the pastie.

If you go with fasteners rather than tape, you just need to cover the back of the pastie creating a flat surface on the backside rather than leaving it hollow, so that the magnets/velcro can make contact.

Hope that helps. You just had me write another post!



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