DIY With Viv Clicquot

I'm not actually talking about drills, saws or Home Depot, although that also used to be one of my fave things before burlesque invaded my universe. I'm talking about one of my burly-besties from Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society, Gloria Gamms, and the collective of craft gals who co-write a great blog called The Craft Co. It covers all things, well... craft. But with flare. As I am the first to call a well-made cocktail a craft, my favourite post thus far is how to make a Sakura Vodka Infused Bellini.

Ms. Gloria of the endless Gamms recently asked me a series of five burlesque costume related questions to publish on The Craft Co blog.

Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 6.17.12 PM_edited.png

The five questions I was asked were:

1 What are your desert island costuming must-haves?

2 What's the best costume piece you have ever found?

3 What comes first the costume or the number?

4 What takes a nice outfit to a stage outfit?

5 How to manage a costume budget

While I think my answers are probably only going to be helpful to burlesque DIY neophytes, click here if you are interested. And to peruse a very cool blog.

Final reminder, come visit me pool-side on Friday or Saturday if you are attending the Burlesque Hall of Fame next weekend, I would LOVE to meet you and chat about any costume questions you may have.... I might not have the answer right then and there, but it will certainly inspire a future post once I do! I will be hanging at cabana #4, I will find some way to let y'all know where I am if you get lost.



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