Eyelash Glue for Sensitive Eyes (update)

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(Thanks to the Canadian gals who let me know that my holy grail eyelash glue can be ourchased at select Walmart and London Drugs Locations. Have yet to find the black version other than online though...)

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I have unbelievably sensitive eyes. Sensitive to light, sensitive to allergens, sensitive to most cosmetics. Sensitive to even looking at a picture of someone with irritated and weeping eyes. Agh. I can feel it instantly just by thinking about it. And it seems to be getting worse over the years. The only reason you should remotely care about my delicate eyeballs, is that this fact makes me a great replacement for animal testing of cosmetics and I'm happy to share my findings with all of you!

As I always say, if you have a product or technique that works for you then that's fantastic, and this post is likely a waste of your time. But for any of you who have bemoaned the constant eye weeping, irritability, itching and redness that comes from most eyelash glue, I truly hope this works for you as well as it does for me!


Firstly, I've tried as many different brands and formulations of eyelash glue as I could get my hands on. From the special effects make-up pro choices, to the single use tubes that come packaged with some packages of lashes. Medical glue and silicone adhesives too. Always the same results. And Duo, the holy grail for so many, is literally one of the worst for me. I've tried each of their versions. Regular, waterproof, latex free... it's always the same. The itching, the constant weeping at the outer corner of the eye, and then it's just all downhill from there. And let's not even talk about the day after. Raw, red eyelids that are a puffy mess. Charming. Let me tell you.

As you have probably already gathered, the ONLY exception for me is the Revlon Precision Lash adhesive. It comes in clear and black and both formulations are latex free. I've grown partial to using the black, as it just disappears into my black eyeliner which I always wear on stage. It boosts the effect of the liner. But the clear is great for applying rhinestones to your face, for example. I love that it comes in a tube with a brush applicator, less mess and waste and so much easier to control.

For me the staying power has never been anything but FANTASTIC. No lifting edges at all. BUT! BUT! Make sure you let this glue almost entirely set before trying to attach them to your lid. I apply the glue to the lash strip, set them down and let them sit for 3-5 minutes depending on ambient humidity and temperature. If you have waited long enough, they will literally stick SOLIDLY and almost instantly once they come in contact with your lid. It's wonderful. I liken it to the tackiness of a post-it note. It sticks pretty firmly on first contact. If they still want to slide around, then you haven't let the glue dry long enough.

In Canada, I have yet to find a local retailer who sells this, so I am always purchasing it online or I stock up when in the U.S. Hope this post renders relief for others who deal wth the discomfort of reaction to lash glue. Good luck!



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