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Hi, hi! Here's the first of a series of posts I've been meaning to address. Some of my fave random products and why. The first topics I will be talking about are products that brighten eyes, intense stay-put lip colour, and the only eyelash glue on the market that doesn't make my eyes freak out. Today is about eye-brightening.

How to Brighten your Eyeballs

This is not a figurative or cute attempt to describe the application of makeup. I'm not talking about eye shadows or any other cosmetic that is intended for your eyelids to make your eyes seem brighter. When I say eyeballs, I'm literally talking about your the whites of your eyes.

I'm sure most people are familiar with the standard eye-redness removal products like Visine and the sort. I have used those judiciously for years, as I'm sure have many of you. My gut tells me this is not a product anybody should use regularly, plus there is definitely a red-eye rebound effect if you use that sort of product too often. BUT, for special occasions, photo shoots, or particularly important stage shows, I trot out the eye drops as part of my beauty regime. A few drops in each eye before I start makeup application (I am partial to the allergy remedy variety, as I have VERY sensitive eyes, and it really does help with reaction to makeup when I'm wearing a lot of it on my eyes). I also use it in place of water if I'm using a water-activated eye makeup.

Ok, so far I'm fairly certain none of this is anything new for any of you. But last year I found an incredible professional makeup site that has some products I have never heard of before, including THIS one! Click this link right here, it will take you to the Alcone website and these crazy magic eye drops.


These drops are actually tinted blue and will colour correct any sallowness (yellowish tinge) you may have in your eyes. As it states on the Alcone website,

"These eye drops were created to remove the yellow in the whites of the eye. Collyre Bleu Laiter is tinted blue to make the whites actually appear brighter. The blue eye drops make eyes appear cleaner, clearer and more youthful. These drops are great for any eye color. We recommend putting a drop in each eye and then waiting 15 minutes. Then look in the mirror and see the difference! You may be best to avoid using these eye drops when wearing soft contact lenses as the blue may tint the lens. Made in France."

Again, I just want to restate that I have unbelievably sensitive eyes. I had to undergo multiple eye surgeries when I was a kid, and understandably, my eyes are quite touchy as a result. I admit I was nervous when I first tried this stuff, but for me at least, it does exactly what is promised without any irritation or negative effects whatsoever. I mean, tinting your eyeball does sound a tad radical, no? So, give it a whirl if this sounds interesting. I don't have any before and after pics of my own eyeballs, but I found one online that is pretty accurate to what I have personally experienced.


I'm pretty sure there was some photoshoppery perpetrated on this photo comparison, never the less it still is pretty accurate to reality.

That's it for today's quickie. I'm not abandoning costume posts, they just take longer and I'm crazy busy!

OH!! For those of you going to BHOF this year, I have a pool-side cabana for Friday and Saturday, come by and say hi. I believe it's cabana #4. Just remember how different we all look sans showgirl transfomation, you probably would never recognize me! lol



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