Keeping it Stiff

So have you ever had a costume piece or accessory that looks great when adjusted and shaped just-so, until you start moving around and then it loses whatever shape you just artfully sculpted?

For example, I have a tap routine that has big bejewelled bows on the ankle straps. I'd adjust them so they were fluffy and pretty and by the end of the act they were always just bedraggled limp bits of nothing. The fact that I had added crystals (of course) only made the matter worse. Crystals are dense and heavy for their size and always weigh things down.

So, I figured there had to be some way to keep these bows rigid. I did so by using this:


I completely doused the bows with this stuff so that it was completely soaked through and then propped it somewhere safe until completely dry.

Not only did it leave my bows completely rigid in the desired shape, but it did not alter the finish or colour of the white satin. Nor did it seem to negatively impact the crystals that were already attached.


Keep in mind this is not wired ribbon, yet it literally is now permanently in this shape. Something to add to your arsenal if you encounter any costume elements that tend to flop when they ain't supposed to.



#easyfixes #easycostumetricks

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