Another Fancy Footwear Trick

Hi there, all! Since my post about glamming up street shoes proved so popular, I figured I may as well show you the trick that started it all.

A few years ago, I found a tackylicious pair of zebra print shoes that ended up inspiring a whole act about animals of the African savannah taking revenge on hunters. You know how it is Sometimes the strangest things inspire creativity.


Here's a couple pics of the shoe for context. And the performance pics just because I really loved this act.

In this photo is hunter Daniel Chai, gazelle Boots Dench, white rhino Lulu Rulette, flamingo Boomer VonSchnitzelhosen, and cheetah Sadie Sweetcheeks. Oh, and me as Zebra.


So when I bought these zebra shoes, they had the standard beige rubber underside. And this was years before I had thought to try the Louboutin nail polish trick. So I did something completely different that produces a similar effect.

I covered them in the same glittery fabric as the inside of my skirt cum cape! Comme ça:


I actually believe that these would have looked better had I not gone ahead and added crystals, but sometimes I just do not know when enough is enough. However, as these shoes are already complete, I will use another pair to illustrate how to do this.


So, here's a pair of shoes I bedazzled last year, but have as yet done nothing to the soles. They are still the boring beige rubber of all inexpensive shoes.

So the first thing that you need to do is trace the shape of the sole of the shoe onto a piece of paper. Easier than it sounds. Honest.


Grab a piece of paper and hold it against the sole of the shoe as well as the heel as you see in this photo. Take a pencil or crayon (NOT a sharpie or anything that could transfer through the paper onto your shoe!) and first trace the shape of the heel and sole like this:


As you can, you do not have to create a laser-sharp line. This pattern is automatically going to be slightly larger than what you need and can easily be adjusted for a perfect fit.

I should also point out that I am NOT covering the part of the shoe that actually touches the stage! It may well work, but I haven't yet personally tried it and I do not want to be resonsible for any footwear-related incidents! I will indeed TRY covering the whole sole, and report back. But until then you are on your own! Let us all know if you try it.


Ok, once you have traced the appropriate amount of the sole, just cut it out from your paper template.


Then, line up your pattern against your shoe and trim as necessary until it lines up perfectly.


You now have a custom paper pattern for the fabric! You do not have to trace the second shoe, just flip over the pattern and you have the mirror for the opposite shoe.


Now you just have to cut out two of these, paint the bottom of each sole with an even coat of Gem-Tac, and adhere your fabric.

That's it. Crazy simple. So what the audience will see, is this!


It's a toss up as to which is quicker, the Loubutin trick, or this fabric approach. Either way, is ridiculously easy and effective.




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