When in Vegas...

Figured I should post about this now, as people are making plans for the annual glitter pilgrimmage that is BHOF.

A couple years ago I was advised by a self-described broad - a former showgirl now working as a hostess at Oscars Steakhouse (itself a slice of old Las Vegas history that you may recognize from the film Casino) that THE shop that local performers go to for glittery bits and bobs is this place right here.


Accessories, makeup, jewelry, masks, gowns, costume pieces. That's what Du Barry Fashions sells. They do not have a website but their address is 3375 S Decatur Blvd Ste 15, and their phone number is (702) 257-6085. ( I also love that this place is named for the very showy and controversial mistress of King Louis the 15th. Hence the figure in the foreground of the image. At least... as a history nerd that is what I assuming the source of the name to be!)

If you are into the lore of old Vegas with its gangster connections and '70's style glamour, I also highly recommend taking in a meal at Oscar's.


Personally I cannot resist any establishment whose tagline is Beef. Booze. Broads. Never mind the fact that the owner, Oscar B. Goodman is notorious as a former lawyer to the mob back in the day. This was before he and his restaurat starred in the movie Casino and also long before he served multiple terms as mayor of Las Vegas. He now hires former showgirls to mingle with guests as they dine. This is how I learned of the glitter palace of Du Barry Fashion.

I would add that the menu is standard steakhouse fare of decades past, which... I also find charming given the origins of this place. Craving a steak, onion soup, shrimp cocktail or maybe an iceberg wedge with blue cheese dressing? This is the place.

Happy shopping and eating.




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