Nip' Tip

How many times have you popped a pastie? Whether you use Mastix Spirit Gum, Top-Stick, silicone adhesive, or any one of the wide variety of double sided tape options out there.... from fashion tape to carpet tape, I will bet it's happened to you more than once. It certainly has to me. And, if you happen to hail from conservative, nipplephobic places such as Alberta this is a BIG problem as I was reminded by the Garter Girls just last night.

While I certainly cannot guarantee any sort of foolproofery, here's a quick and cheap trick that will definitely help with adhesion of any sort of nipple armour.


Get yerself a box of alcohol swabs and toss 'em in your performance kit. For 2¢ a piece, these individually packaged alchohol pads will obliterate many of the key enemies of effective bodily adhesion. Oils. Natural body oils. Or lotions. Or potions. Or makeup. Or soap residue. Open one of these little packets and use the contents to give your nips a good scrub. Don't be horrified when you see the residue that's left on the pad. I know you shower regularly, I'm not judging.

Whatever you now use to adhere your pasties is going to be much more effective. PLUS... wiping your nips with a little pad of alcohol produces that distinct chill effect that comes from rapid evaporation of liquid. The typical result is an erect nipple. And generally speaking, for most women, a boob with an erect nipple is generally a more perky version of said boob. Applying a pastie to such a perkified boob keeps them looking that way until you remove the pastie. Bonus.




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