Hat Trick

So a few posts back I showed you all how I made a fancy hat and I mentioned that I had a tricky way of fastening it to my noggin'. Again, it's really simple but makes for a neat way to use your hat on stage.

In brief, I use magnets to attach it to a headband so that I can easily remove it during my act. Here's the step by step and info on the very specific magnets I use.

So first, I bought a bridal sash applique from this store on Etsy and used e6000 to glue it to a wide dark headband. Since I'm brunette, plain black works great, it just sort of disappears into my hair. I also glue a strip of velcro to the entire underside of the headband which helps it stay firmly in place.



Then, I glue magnets to both the headband and the underside of the hat comme ça...



Notice that my hat form is lavender, that's because I dunked it in the same dye as the feathers back in this post. I did that so the underside of the hat wouldn't look raw and white when I take it off and toss it. I contemplated covering the inside with fabric, but wanted to keep the weight of it down, so decided not to.

Anyhow, these magnets allow me to wear the headband and hat together at the same time, and then reveal a sparkly headband when I toss the hat.


Here's the only thing... you have to use Rare Earth Magnets. They are the strongest magnets known to man. No joke. That's why I was able to use such tiny magnets and still have the hat stay firmly in place.

Here's where I buy mine, a place called Lee Valley Tools.

There you go. It's a simple new reveal to add to your repertoire!




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