I Cannot Craft Without These

This post is a wee bit of a cheat as I've already mentioned this in the body of another post, but someone emailed to ask me about it, so I'm pulling this excerpt out as a separate post.

You will notice that I have a large supply of Cricket Super Grip hair clips being used in all sorts of strange ways throughout my posts.

Cricket Super Grip Hair Clips.jpg

The most common thing I use them for is to clamp things into place while glue is drying. The reason I find them so ideal is that not only do they let air circulate around whatever you are clamping, which speeds drying, but also, the fact that they are slightly curved, makes them much more organically shaped for clamping anything that is going to end up on your body. Let's face it, pretty much every surface on our body has a curve of some sort, so why clamp something completely flat? The curve allows for greater contact between the clamp and the item. Look at the clamp in the photo just below, see how the curve mimics the curve of the heel of the shoe? That's what I'm talking about. If I used a straight clamp, there would only be pressure at the two points where it touches, rather than the whole length of the thing being glued.

curved hair clips.jpg

Hope that makes sense, if not, let me know!!!



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