Easy Peasy Feather Spray

Last week when I met with success in dying ostrich feathers, I think I also mentioned that I kind of went nuts since I already had the dye mixed up and started dyeing a random assortment of bits and bobs. Last night I tossed a few of these things together on a bamboo skewer and made a hair stick as a means of showing you a super fast easy project.

Hair Stick_edited

Step One

Take a bamboo appetizer skewer, sand it smoothe, and paint with whatever nail polish you want. A couple coats should do it. Dry between coats and add a top coat.

Step Two

Glue a tassel on to the top of the stick. Looks super cute in the hair and is a little more surprising than the usual flower

Step Three

This is the easiest way I have found to make a feather spray. I think the pictures will explain it, but I will add a touch of explanation just in case.


Take a piece of Scotch tape, and stick it to a section of a feather right next to the spine. (Spine? No... it must be called something else... shaft? err... I dunno.)

Burlesque performer and costume blogger

Cut through the tape with a sharp pair of scissors, again, right next to the... um... shaft.

Burlesque performer and costume blogger

The tape continues to hold the feather strands in the same alignment as when it was still attached to the whole feather.

(You could also, at this point, turn this into feather fringe!)


And then you can just roll up the tape.


Which produces this cute little feather spray that you can now glue to the top of your bamboo skewer and embellish to your heart's content.

For less than a $1.00 worth of supplies you now have this!

Hair Stick_edited



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