Rapid-Fire Quick Tips

Hello, hello!!! So I've collected a number of small simple tips that don't really merit individual posts, so you're going to get a lightning round of quickies today. (Hey. There's an appropriate time and place for everything.)


1. When working rhinestones or beads, use small paper Chinet brand plates to hold your stones. They are the perfect size to allow you to work with multiple shapes/sizes/colours of stones at a time without taking up too much of your work space, they offer a nice clear background to pick up from, you can stack the plates as you switch between which stones you are using at any given time. The plate is nice and sturdy so you can move them around without fear of them buckling (and the ensuing cascade of stones all over your floor), and MOST importantly, they fold beautifully as shown in this photo, so that you can easily pour them back into your storage containers, and they pop back into their shape with sturdy edges that minimize spillage. Plastic plates do NOT work this way. They flop, break, and have to be thrown out. I've been using the same single package of Chinet plates for 5 years now. This is particularly helpful for cat owners!!! My cats LOOOOVE to walk across my work surface without fail. These plates withstand kitty shenanigans without flipping them over! The plates. Not the cats.


2. Contrary to what one would assume to be common sense, I bet you didn't know that nylon snaps are faaaar stronger than the equivalent size in metal snaps. Tis true. You can easily go down a size from what you would usually use in a metal snap. ALSO the female snap side (do I need to explain that?) is much shallower than the metal equivalent, meaning a much smoother, less obtrusive closure. And... you know my trusty Christian Louboutin trick? Yah... you can do the same with these. Paint the suckers with nail polish before attaching them to match your fabric if you want. Also, you will truly be shocked at how much stronger they are, so be sure to TEST the size and practise your striptease when using these, if you go too big, they truly will need a knife to pry them apart. It's amazing.


3. I often wonder who first thought of the idea of velcro rollers. I mean, velcro and hair really just SOUND like a bad combination, right? Well, we all know that these work like a charm... sooooo.... take this same concept and apply it to other things that go on your head! Did you develop a head piece of any sort that wants to flop around regardless of how well you pin it? Glue some velcro to the underside of the head-dress. Fast and easy. For instance, I just made a crazy crystal-applique headband that is the support for a hat that I attach with magnets. The hat stays on the band just great, but it's now so heavy with crystals that the headband didn't want to stay put. I just glued a strip of the STICKY side of the velcro (the hook side) to the entire underside of the headband. No more slippage! Remove it the same way you would velcro rollers, gently and with the grain of your hair. This obviously would NOT work for something you are planning on removing from your head during your act, unless looking deranged is part of the schtick. Always a valid choice.

Ok... I think three quickies wraps it up for this post. I have dutifully been banking all the requests you have all been sending me and I promise I will get to them all eventually. If you have any urgent requests that are time sensitive, please just let me know and I will do my best to put to the top of the pile!

Thanks again for all your support, I love the community of sharing.



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