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I am really committed to making these posts about sharing information and not about me specifically, but I want to just take a quick momet to thank all of you for your incredible support of this brand new blog! I'm pleasantly surprised at how much traffic my site is getting as well as your emails, messages, shares and comments you have all been sending me. This only makes me want to share more with you all, so thanks so so much for taking time to read my tidbits and letting me know that they are helpful. I might even think about doing some workshops or classes on specific projects if there's interest.

Ok. Enough about me.

So I've mentioned before that upholstery stores are a great source for all sorts of things that can be repurposed for burlesque purposes. But not everybody has easy access to these stores, not to mention they tend to grossly overcharge for their materials. Because let's face it, the only people who spend money on custom designed furniture and trimmings, have lots of money to spare. Artists typically do not! Am I right? Enter the internet. I take some pride in my internet sourcing abilities! Case in point.


This trim from Expo International comes in 22 different colours and is so large that a little goes a long way. To give you a sense of scale, his trim is 4" wide. I've seen this type of trim retail for as much as $45 per yard in upholstery stores as opposed to $15 or less online.

I caution you though, you can get lost for DAYS on these types of websites.

I recently bought a fair amount of this trim for a large group number I spearheaded. We trimmed cupless bras in this stuff, but we did have to make a small adjustment to the trim to make it work, and then there's an optional trick.

Here's the bra frame we attached it to..


The band at the top of this trim is a whole 1" wide, which will be great for certain applications, like a fringe belt, but we needed it quite a bit narrower in order for it be workable on the bra frame. You can cut the width of the band in half, BUT, do not do so until you have run one or two rows of machine stitching below where you are planning to cut it. If you don't do this first, it wil completely fray and unravel before your eyes. Since I'm all about durability of costume pieces, I also ran a tight zig zag stitch along the cut edge to eliminate any straggling bits of fray-action. This made it nice and tidy as well as durable.

Next. Ha. The rest of the troupe doesn't even know about this bit of trickery yet as I'm in process of upgrading our costumes for the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival. The thing about this trim, and in fact MOST trims of this variety, is that the beads are plastic not glass or crystal. So while they have lots of volume and texture, they are only mildly reflective. SO, a tricky way to make them sparkle while stretching your rhinestone supply a loooong way, is to glue a single rhinestone onto the centre facet of the stone, like this:

Burlesque performer and costume blogger

Once this glue dries, you will have instant sparkle. Simple and waaaay cheaper than solid crystal fringe, which is not only $$$ but super heavy.

Here's a few other links for you.

Love these glittery sites.

Georgeous rhinestone appliques from as little as $5.

And some more...

This site is not priced by the yard, so don't be alarmed by the price. Some of these prices are for as much as 20 yards.

Cheers, Viv

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