Gem-Tac Not Just a Glue

Hi all! Time for another trick to share. I bet many of you didn't know that Gem-Tac can be used for things besides the obvious. For instance...

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Dilute Gem-Tac with water until it's the consistency and opacity of 2% milk. I keep some in a jar with a screw-top lid so I don't have to mix or waste any of this liquid whenever I need it.

So what on earth, you may ask, do I do with watery Gem-Tac? LOADS!! Dunk a paint brush in this magic potion and do any of the following.

1) Brush any cut edges of trims, laces, cording and the like. It acts exactly the same as all of those Fray-Stop products, by stopping the item from unravelling. Yes, you can certainly buy Fray Stop, but why? This is way cheaper and if you already have Gem-Tac, it's one less thing to have to buy.

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2) Do you have any stress points on your costumes that you are concerned about? For example, where you've sewn elastic onto a g-string. You want to make sure that stitching never comes undone. Brush some of this liquid on the point you think may need reinforcing - on the inside mind you - because it can change darken the fabric where applied. If you are REAAALLY wanting to reinforce it, brush on full-strength Gem-Tac. Once dry, that stitching will never budge even if you want it to.

3) I also discovered that it makes a fabulous fabric stiffener! I do this on all my pasties now. It makes them so much more durable and rigid. Again, keep in mind that it will darken most fabrics, so either test a piece of it first, or apply it where it won't be visible. Again you can buy Fabric Stiffener... but why?

4) You can also use it as a glaze to hold glitter in place. Once you've applied loose glitter to something and it has dried, go over it with a thin coat of this liquid. It makes a huge difference to how long it will last.

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Another white glue that I really like for these purposes only - not for applying stones, for that I only use Gem-Tac - but for pretty much anything else, the white glue by Weld-Bond is amazing in that it dries completely clear and doesn't yellow or go cloudy the way Gem-Tac can over time. It's also much substantially cheaper than Gem-Tac and it's availabale at pretty much all hardware and home improvement stores.

Folks I have soooooomany more posts in the works. Let me know if there's anything particular you want me to cover, I can get to those first.



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