Why You Need a Pastie TeePee

pastie teepee.jpg

Whaaaa? Why am I doing this to my pasties?

Simple, when gluing stuff to my pastie form I don't want to dislodge or move anything while it's still wet. Building this little elevated Teepee out of hair clips (the uses of which are ENDLESS and I will post about in the future) means I can pick it up, turn it as I work and I don't have to risk moving around any of the stones!

I also alternate working on one pastie and then the other, in stages, because that way....

craft lamp 3.jpg

I can let one dry as I work on the other one. I am very impatient and hate wasting time on things like DRYING, so I also discovered that my craft lamp is a FANTASTIC little warming device that dries glue in a SNAP! Look at whatever craft lamp you use and see if you can do something similar. If not, you can buy cheap ones at Ikea or the like. But you do need to use an incandescent bulb not a compact fluorescent, as fluorescents don't generate enough warmth. I also prefer incandescent light for detail work as I find it much easier on the eyes AND it makes the piece look so sparkly while working on it. :-) I mean, why not enjoy the sparkle as much as possible, right?



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