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Gem-Tac? Why does this need helpful hints? It's just glue, how hard can it be?

Well, when I was a newbie I encountered all sorts of issues in applying this in a way that was fool-proof. This post deals with three of them. Will post others in the future.

The first tip is captain obvious if you're already doing this... but a forhead slapping 'DOH!' if you're not. When gluing anything delicate, like 6SS rhinestones which are less than 2mm in diameter, or something skinny like cording, or you are gluing lace and therefore only want glue in very specific spots so it doesn't show through, do not even attempt to do this from the bottle that the glue comes in. It's too big and bulky and damn near impossible to control the size of the hole to match exactly what you need. Pour it into a small squeeze bottle with a fine point. Let me give you a close up.

gem tack _edited.jpg

This one has a fine metal tip that is my favourite glue application tool. (Which, for you Vancouverites, I purchased at Dressew in the quilting section.) But you can use whatever version you can find. Craft stores, sewing supply stores, dollar stores, cake decorating supply stores... all kinds of place have these.

Tip Two

Gem-Tac gums up very quickly when exposed to air. This is great for once it's on the surface you are gluing, but can be frustrating while it's still in the bottle. Particularly if you are using a small point applicator like this one. Getting partially congealed glue out of the applicator tip is a pain and requires copious water and much pin-poking. Keeping air out of the tip is the only way to avoid the glue inside the bottle getting gummy. So... use a pin to plug the hole, like a stopper, when not using it. Look closely at the pic to the right and you will see I have a glass-headed pin stuck into the metal tip.

So I will apply up to 7 or 8 glue dots (depending on ambient heat and humidity I might only be able to put more or less at a time before it starts to dry on the fabric surface) and IMMEDIATELY stick the pin in the hole before setting down the bottle. If you leave it for even a minute or two, it will start to dry inside the nozzle, and in a few more minutes it will be fully plugged up.

Tip Three


This final tip is really just an extension of the previous point. Once you have used a pin as your bottle stopper, place the bottle upside down in some sort of cup. Not only does this stop air from getting in, but it ALSO makes sure the bottle tip is always ready and loaded with glue, so you don't have to wait for the glue to ooze back down to the tip-end.

Make sense?

Any questions just leave a comment on the main blog page and I will answer for you!



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