Christian Louboutin Trick

Apart from the fact that Christian Louboutin makes custom footwear for all of Dita Von Teese's burlesque acts - in two heel heights no less - I'm sure most of you know how his signature red soles came to pass, no? Well, just In case you aren't shoe obsessed like I am, this is the story and how it relates to a fun costume trick.


When Christian Louboutin first started designing shoes, he decided that his design needed something... extra. Something that left an impression while viewed from walking away as well as arriving.

A red sole, he thought would do the trick. But how to achieve this in a high gloss lacquer-like finish? Why... red nail polish of course. Yes. His initial prototype shoes were painstakingly painted with red nail polish. Coat upon coat of decadent red polish. The only thing I would really love to know is which polish he used! You can see the bottle in the background of this image - and doesn't he have nice hands by the way- but I don't recognize the bottle. I will report back if I find out.

However, Louboutin's experience has inspired me to use nail polish on all SORTS of things that I want to colour match. Does your costume include any sort of closures that are visible? Paint 'em with polish. Found some sort of embelishment that's the wrong colour? Paint 'em with nail polish. Oh, and of course wet nail polish acts as a pretty damn good glue when wet. Add rhinestones,

glitter, sequins, lace.... whatever strikes your fancy. Case in point, here we have a brass grommet that I wanted to put in the centre of a pair of pasties for super twirl action. But as you can see, it's gold in colour. I wanted silver. So... enter the handy dandy bottle of silver polish. Et voila! A silver pastie grommet. Easy.


nail polish.jpg

silver grommet.jpg

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