No More Pesky Bra Hooks

It's happened to all of us. Your act is going great, you're feeling the crowd, you are hitting all those accents. It's all exactly as you imagined when you first conceived of this act. And then. The final bra removal. And it's stuck. Or caught on fringe. Or the hook got flattened when you were on your back executing your floorwork, forming an epic vice that will require pliers to open. Yep. It's happened to me. I'm sure some version of this has also happened to you. But not anymore! Here's a simple fool proof fix.

bra hook woes.jpg

All you have to do? Two easy steps.

Step One

Take a pair of pliers and squeeze the living life out of each of those bra hook until they are completely flat and there's no hope of anything getting under that hook. You can also bash it with a hammer.

Step Two

Burlesque performer and costume blogger

Hand sew one large, fabric covered coat hook, right over top of the location of the squished hooks that you used to use.

It's easy to find with even one hand. I was never able to do that single-handed bra removal until I came up with this idea. Because it's so big and smooth, it never gets caught anymore.

That's it!

Extra Info

These hooks come in limited colours, brown, black, grey, white, and nude. If none of these colours work for you, you can either dye it, since it's covered in fabric, or take a sharpie to it!



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