Inexpensive Trimmings

Texture and ornamentation often take a burlesque costume from good to WOW! But this can get expensive, particularly if you are an embellishment addict as I am. Check out this elasticized beaded fringe trim that I'm using on a pair of scanties. Looks fancy, right? Here's the thing. It's made from dollar store trim.

stretch trim.jpg

How did I create this lush expensive-looking effect from a package of 99 cent trim? Easy peasy.

Step One

Sew two layers the trim together. Just stack one on top of the other and sew the ribbon banding together with a straight or zig zag stitch. You now have double the number of beads per inch of ribbon. But there's more...

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Step Two

Sew this double thickness of trim onto a narrow piece of elastic. Does sewing elastic scare you? I can do a separate post on that if you like, but all you have to do, is stretch the elastic towards you as you feed it under the sewing machine foot. AND you must sew it with a big zigzag stitch, or stretch stitch if your machine has one. The more you stretch as you sew, the more densely the beads will gather together. The final effect is a ruffled looking ribbon atop a forest of beads that look and sound fantastic when performing.



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