Viv Clicquot

Sharing my Love of Costuming and Performing

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. Although I've been performing in some variety or other for most of my life, it wasn't until I stumbled across the incredible organization that has become my burlesque family, Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society, that I discovered this amazing form of entertainment. 

Eight years later, after having graduated from Screaming Chicken's Becoming Burlesque program, I am still a soloist and group leader in Vancouver's largest and longest-running, award-winning burlesque show, the Taboo Revue.  I h
ave also had the pleasure of competing at the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas on three occasions and am proud to have won the titles of Best Large Group and Most Comedic with Screaming  Chicken in 2016. Various other international and domestic festivals include  the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival five years in a row, Edmonton Burlesque Festival, Pennsylvania Burlesque Festival, Vermont Burlesque Festival and  the Munich Burlesque Festival.   I have also been selected as a feature columnist  the premier international burlesque publication, 21st Century Burlesque.


I hope you find something useful or entertaining on my site, and as you peruse my tips and tricks about makeup and costuming, and you have any particular topics you would like me to address, just drop me a line.